Barry Katz has more than twenty-seven years of general civil practice experience as an attorney in New York City.

Barry believes that choosing the right representation is the first step toward achieving a successful result when a legal dispute arises. His role as an attorney is to provide the most professional, effective, and strong legal representation possible. He listens to his clients, understands the legal issues they are confronted with and offers his guidance and counsel to address them.

Barry possesses a keen understanding of the specialized areas of law in which he practices. He combines his compassion for clients with tough advocacy skills on their behalf. He guides, counsels and helps his clients understand their choices and works with them to achieve the best possible results as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. He makes every effort to negotiate an amicable, fair and reasonable settlement while seeking to avoid escalating tension and hostilities. He always strives to resolve disputes through settlement. Sometimes, however, a settlement cannot be reached despite his best efforts. If litigation becomes necessary, he has the legal knowledge, skill and experience to represent his clients and to proceed from a position of strength as their advocate.

Barry specializes in the following areas:

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