Real estate lawyer in Manhattan, New York.

Real Estate Legal Services in New York

New York City real estate is very unique and can be a daunting undertaking. Barry is involved with all aspects of the New York real estate market qualifying him to represent his clients when purchasing, selling or refinancing a cooperative apartment, a condominium or real property. If his client is a seller, Barry can have the contract prepared quickly and efficiently. If his client is a purchaser, Barry is known for his prompt and thorough review of all of the essential documentation (known as “due diligence”) necessary for his client to make an informed decision about how to proceed. Barry also advises and assists his clients who are seeking to refinance their present mortgages.

  • Residential Transactions
    Including buying, selling, refinancing and leasing cooperative apartments, condominiums, townhouses and homes.

  • Joint Ownership Agreements
    To establish the rights and obligations of parties who purchase property jointly.

  • Commercial Real Estate
    Leasing of commercial office space.

  • 1031 Exchanges
    Investors sell and buy property of a like kind while deferring tax consequences under section 1031 of the IRS code. It allows the investor to reinvest 100% of the equity from the sale of a property into the purchase of a preferred replacement property without recognizing any tax gain.

With over 33 years of professional experience in real estate law, Barry assists his clients with advice about the role of mortgage brokers, realtors, inspection engineers, appraisers and title companies, each of whom plays an integral role in the real estate transaction process. He has the essential skills to make his clients' real estate matters proceed smoothly and at a reasonable cost.